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What is Bin Cleaning?

  • North Shore Bin Cleaners will come to your home monthly, quarterly, or one-time with our purpose-built truck, and send you text reminders the day before we come.

  • Our truck blasts your bins (inside and out) with 200-degree water to clean and sanitize. No harsh chemicals!

  • A fresh-scented deodorizer is sprayed in and on the can for a wonderful garage experience

  • Dirty water and run-off is collected in our truck for proper disposal through wastewater treatment (not down the storm drain and into our water supply like if you DIY)

Why do I need it?

  • Deter rodents such as raccoons, ants, mice, rats, flies, fleas, maggots, cockroaches and more from your home/garage.

  • Sanitize the surface from millions of bacteria and viruses; you don’t get that with cold hose water and bleach!

  • General unpleasantness of stinky garbage in or near your garage and home.  This is why we started the business- our cans were nasty!

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Plans + Pricing:



$69 first bin

Additional Bins $12 each


$39 first bin

Additional Bins $12 each
Visits every 12 weeks


$19 first bin

Additional Bins $12 each
Visits every 4 weeks

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What our customers are saying...

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"These guys changed my life. With three boys and 2 dogs our garbage cans take a beating. This is awesome and really inexpensive."

-Jeff U. (Lake Bluff)

"North Shore Bin Cleaners is an amazing company! They perform a much needed service that I didn't even think about but definitely needed. They are responsive and so very friendly. Their communication is professional and their team members who come and perform the service are prompt and friendly. I even give their service as a gift!"

-Carrie G. (Libertyville)

My bin looked like it hadn't been clean in 20 years it was so gross. Peter came and now it looks brand new.

Renne G. (Grayslake)


Do I need to be home for the service?

Nope! Just make sure your empty cans are left outside the day after your garbage collection.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

No you do not; simply choose our "One-Time Service" option and there is no continuing obligation.  But we think you'll be back :)

Can't I clean my own bins with a hose and bleach?

Hose cleaning, on average, uses 8x more water than our system.  In addition, cold water does not effectively rid your bins of odors and bacteria.  Also, the dirty water is not eco-friendly (into your yard, driveway, storm sewer, Lake Michigan...)
By using high pressure and high temp water (190F), we eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria from your bins.  We recover our dirty water and properly dispose of it through the waste water treatment facility.

How often should I get my bins cleaned?

Every household is different.  To maintain a clean bin, free of odors, bacteria, and viruses, we recommend our monthly plan.

Can I buy a service or plan for someone else?

Definitely!  It is a great gift idea for anyone.  Just make sure to enter their information in our job request form, and note that it is a gift.

What if I am out of town and can't put my bins out to be serviced?

Just email or text us in advance and we will schedule an alternate date for cleaning.  If you forget, no problem!  Just hit us up when you return.

Can you clean different types of bins?

We clean all shapes and sizes.  Feel free to reach out if you are concerned.

What if I need to cancel my cleaning service plan?

No problem.  You can cancel anytime.  Just send us an email or text message.

Why don't you come the same day as my garbage is collected?

Collection times and routes can vary, making it difficult to execute a timely cleaning schedule.  To make sure we can service an empty bin, we'll come the day after your collection.  We'll send you a reminder to leave your bins out for us!

Any questions we missed?

Text: 267-834-0336

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Get in Touch

Questions, comments, or requests? We’d love to hear from you.

Shoot us a text:  267-834-0336


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